Arabian Rocks Plastic Industires S.A.E

Company Establishment

Arabian Rocks Plastic Industries, established as an Egyptian joint stock company in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 8 of 1997 on the issuance the Investment Guarantees and Incentives Law and its executive regulations by the Chairman of the General Authority for Investment and Free Zones No. 392/T dated 21/03/2013 – The Commercial Register was registered at the Commercial Investment Office of Cairo on 24/03/2013 under No. 65041. The Company’s Articles of Association was published in the Companies’ Newspaper for the number (39543) dated 08/12/2015 (Collected Newspaper) and the approval of Financial Regulatory Authority was issued on 20/03/2013 with a number issued by (616).

Corporate Law

The company was incorporated in accordance with the provisions of the laws in force in the Arab Republic of Egypt within the framework of the provisions Law on Investment Guarantees and Incentives issued by Law No. 8 of 1997 and Law 159 of 1981, to issue the law of joint stock companies, companies of shareholding and companies with limited liability and its executive regulations subject to the provisions of Law 95 of 1992, to issue the law of Capital Market and its Executive Regulations and the Income Tax Law issued by Law No. 91 of 2005.

Company Purpose

In accordance of Chairman of General Authority for Investment and Free Zones decision No. 693/E dated 15/4/2014 Article (3) from Articles of Association Company and published in the Investment Newspaper No. (39543) on 08/12/2015 (Collected Newspaper):

The purpose of the company is establishment and operation of a factory for the manufacture of polypropylene water pipes, subject to the provisions of the laws, regulations and decisions in force, and subject to the issuance of all necessary licenses for the exercise of the activity. The Company is authorized to have an interest or participate in any way with companies and others engaged in similar activities or may cooperate to achieve its purpose in Egypt or outside of Egypt, may also Merged into the above bodies , buys or attaches to it, in accordance with the law and its executive regulations.

Add new purposes : Manufacturing of polypropylene water pipes and PVC plastic pipes for drinking water and sewage and manufacturing PP plastic parts, fittings and links with copper insert and without, and manufacture PVC plastic parts, fittings.

Licenses Issued

Ministry of Commerce and Industry

Industrial Development Authority – (Certificate of Permanent Industrial Register) No. 35063/2010 renewed on 15/01/2020 Expiry date 14/01/2025

Industrial Development Authority – (Permanent Industrial Operating License) No. 132019100700002 renewed on 07/10/2019

Company's Term

The Term of the Company is twenty Five Years commencing from the date of issue of the Licensing its incorporation (24/03/2013 to 23/03/2038). Any extension thereof shall have to be approved by a similar Licensing.

Company's Finance

The financial year of the Company shall begin on the first day of January and of December of each year.


Dr. Hesham Ahmed Labib & Associates ( chartered accountants & auditors), International Accounting Group (TIAG)

1. Accountant and certified auditor registered with the Ministry of Finance and ranked accountants and auditors Egyptians to adopt Egyptian joint stock companies – No. 1. 6513 dated November 23, 1987.

2. Registered auditors record of the General Authority for Financial Control No. 168.

3. Fellow of the Egyptian Society of Taxation and international grant membership certificate number 1877 dated 12/07/1995.

4. Accountant and certified auditor accredited by the Central Auditing Organization and the number 882 on 15/04/1998

5. Member of the Egyptian Society for Public Finance and Tax No. 555 in the 7 9 1999.

6. Members of the Bureau Executives holders:
– Certificate of the American CPA – (Certified Public Accountant – CPA) from USA license number 2966.
– Certificates and specialized accountants and auditors of the Egyptian Society of Accountants qualification in accounting standards and tax areas and costs and regulatory aspects.

7. The role of the Board of Directors in Disclosure and Transparency at (EIOD) to the (EFSA).

8. Introduction to the Board of Directors and corporate governance at (EIOD) to the (EFSA).

9. Governance requirements in the quality of work of auditors at (EIOD) to the (EFSA).

Address: 19st, Mohamed El Maqreef , Nasr City – Cairo

Nominated Adviser (NOMAD)

EGY TREND Financial Consultant for Securities

Register of nominated advisers published by the Egypt Stock Exchange number (13)

Adress: 71 Misr Helwan Rood – Maadi – Cairo

Central Depository / Registry (CDR)

– Misr for Central Clearing, Depository and Registry (MCDR), has approved in committee held on 11/01/2015 to accept the registration of the total issued capital of 20 million Egyptian pounds distributed over 20 million shares of 4975581 shares (in-kind shares) and 15024419 shares (pecuniary shares) with a nominal value of one Egyptian pound per share, Which was opened issuance account for 20 million shares at a nominal value of one Egyptian pound per share, paid 100%. The dealing on these shares will be started through the Central Depository System starting from 29/01/2015. Deposit the total shares on 01/02/2015.

– Misr for Central Clearing, Depository and Registry (MCDR), has approved in Committee held on 03/03/2016 the inclusion of 24,777,905 shares in (in-kind shares) to (pecuniary shares) to become the issued and restricted capital of 20 million Egyptian pounds, distributed to the account (first issuance), for 100 million shares at a nominal value of 20 piaster per share paid 100%. Note that trading on the shares will begin after the amendment and the consolidation of the issuance as of March 7, 2016 with continued freeze the total shares of the company until the approval of plan of the Initial public offering (IPO) and Determine quantities to be frozen in according to the rules of registration and delisting on the stock exchange.

Stock Exchange Listing

The Listing Committee of the Egyptian Stock Exchange, held on 15/03/2016, decided to approve the registration of the shares of Arabian  Rocks Plastic Industries with a issued capital of 20 million pounds distributed over 100 million shares with a nominal value of 20 piaster per share, Represented in three issues of the Egyptian securities listing “Shares”(SME market) In accordance with the rules of registration and Deletion of securities issued by the decision of the chairman of Financial Regulatory Authority No. (11) On 22/1/2014 and its executive procedures and amendments, in particular Article (1) bis thereof.

Development of capital

Board Of Directors

Company Details